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Customer Testimonials

My two cats have been patients at your clinic since 2014. In these two years, Natasha and Nikos have received excellent, thorough care each time they have visited your veterinary staff. All of your staff, from Cheryl and other front desk volunteers to your veterinarians and their assistants, have been exceptionally helpful and skilled in answering my questions and providing services for my pets.

Your services, available to people like me with limited incomes, make it possible for us residents to have pets. Without your clinic, it would be financially difficult for me to provide the quality of care that my cats require and deserve. Thank you for giving me the means to be a pet owner–my cats make my life that much better.

Please continue to make available your services by any means possible. I continually recommend your clinic to other pet owners I come across, and am very thankful for everything you do.

With much appreciation,
Lisa Mattiello (and Natasha and Nikos)


I want to thank everyone at CVC for the kindness you have shown me and the wonderful care you have given Saydie Sue. Without your help I would not have been able to give her the care she has needed. I am sure I speak for others when I say, Thank You Very Much.

Judy Gutherie


Thank you so much for the loving care you all gave to my cat, Mojo, and me.

Sally Baldwin


Thank you for your help. To visit a for profit veterinarian would have made it impossible for us to properly care for our pets. We appreciate all that you did for us, and our 2 kitties. Everyone we met was caring, friendly and professional. Your office staff is extraordinary! I am sure that every pet owner felt like their pet was the most important and deserved that best of care.

Jeannette Hopkins


I appreciate how helpful and kind Cheryl and the front desk person always are on the phone and in person. I am grateful for Dr. Leslie’s care of animals through diet and holistic practices, and I am thankful for Dr. Maddox’s thoroughness and willingness to call my home to discuss loose ends with me. You all work, care and give effort for those of us who also work, care and place effort into caring for our furry family on limited budgets.

Jamie Gorbet and Mrs. Racoon


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